Yamaha Motor works with Lion Yachts to develop a new, outboard-powered 60ft Flybridges

Επιμέλεια : Δημήτρης Καραγεωργίου



Over the last 20 years Yamaha Motor has recorded a number of world firsts, highlighting their desire to push boundaries and enhance the customer experience to no end. Yamaha Motor is always actively seeking opportunities to support new and less conventional projects, which allow them to share knowledge and expertise for the sake of discovery and growth. This ‘out of the box’ approach aims to ever-evolve the marine market and change the way we think about marine propulsion.

Lion Yachts is an Italian luxury brand under the management of a forward-thinking team, working on unique projects as well as a range of more traditional boats. When approached to design, and develop a 60ft outboard powered, sports trawler weighing over 27 tons and powered by four Yamaha XTO 425hp V8 Outboard engines – the team were not only excited to apply their experience but also intrigued by the potential outcomes.

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